Hi Theodore

20 December 2013

Your portofolio is delicious. Greetings from Italy.
Rita Chiliberti

19 December 2013

Fabulous portfolio!
Neda Fe'li


16 December 2013

You have an awesome portfolio of images. So sharp and clear with great depth of field. Very consistent as well. My favorite is the tight crop of the Zebra head. Your collection of African wildlife makes me think of home. I hope I too can one day take wildlife images as good as yours. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Cheers AJ
Alistair Jones

16 December 2013

Wonderful photos!!!
Breathtaking images from a wildlife that surprises for her beauty.
Mostly though surprise the patience and the perseverance of the photographer who managed to capture with a lot of emotion fantastic pictures of birds and wild animals of our planet!
Zoe Papassiopi-Passia
Zoe Papassiopi-Passia

Fantastic Portfolio

14 December 2013

I enjoyed a lot your beautiful pictures. As you are, I am also a big fan of the wildlife. Hope to see more uploads of what was a great and very productive trip to Africa. Congratulations!
Roberto Anil

14 December 2013

What beautiful wildlife images you have in your gallery. Just beautiful !
PNF Photography

13 December 2013

Your wildlife photos are superb. Its tough to say which is the best, but if I had to choose, it would be the zebra photos.
Well done and hope to see more of your uploads soon.

Best regards - Dylan.
Dylan Luis

Hi Theodore

11 December 2013

Your African photos are AMAZING. That's a dream trip for my wife and I someday but it's a bit farther for us than it is for you. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Best Regards!
Joseph James

11 December 2013

Hi Theodore, I think your portfolio is full of amazing pics !

Regards Ruggero
ruggero bernasconi

10 December 2013

Very nice!!! Bravooo!
Faidra Papalexandri